Installing Review Site Theme

1. Open and extract the Review Site Theme zip file on your computer.
Download your themes here.

2. Access your Web server using an FTP client or Web server administration tools.

2. Upload the theme to your “wp-content/themes” folder within WordPress installation.
For example: \wp-content\themes\ThemeName

3. Login to your WordPress administration panel and select Appearance -> Themes.

5. In the ‘Manage Themes’ Look for the Review Site Theme you want to install then click the ‘Activate Theme’ link to activate it.

NOTE: After you have successfully installed the Review Site Theme your homepage will be blank.
Once you begin adding review you will see Review Site Theme transform your WordPress into a beautiful landing page and review site.

Post Installation Steps

You can create as many categories as you like on your WordPress site, however they are 2 Categories that Review Site Theme needs to function.

Create the following 2 Categories: Featured and Introduction
All reviews you want to appear on the home page must go in the “Featured” category.
To add a welcome text on your home page you must add a post and place it in the “Introduction” category. (See Your Home Page below)

Custom Fields

Review Site Themes requires 3 Custom Fields to work.
1. productimage (Adds a product image you specify to the homepage)
2. producturl (Adds your affiliate URL to the homepage and the review/post)
3. stars (Adds your start rating to the homepage and the review/post)

If you are not familiar with custom fields don’t worry. We will explain this in the Adding Your Reviews Section.

Your Home Page

Your home page is designed to give you a professional and great looking landing page for your reviews. They are 2 main section to the home page. The review section and the Introduction section. (See Figure 1) The Introduction is design to allow you to add text at the top of the page to help give your landing page some Search Engine Friendly text. You can use this to tell visitors about your site or just text for SEO Purposes.
To add text to the Introduction Section all you have to do is make a new post and add it to your Introduction category. ( Create a category called Introduction if you have not done so already)
NOTE: The Introduction Section is optional. If you do not want any thing there just omit this step and only the review section will appear on the page.

Figure 1

Adding Your Reviews

Adding a review is very easy with Review Site Theme.

1. Login to your WordPress administration panel and select Post -> Add New
2. Add your title and your content
(The next steps will format your home page)
3. Select the Featured Category for this review/post. (Create a category called “Featured” If you have not done so already.)
4. Add a small excerpt to the except section. (This will appear on the home page) (See Figure 2)
5. Add the Custom Field name: productimage (New to WordPress?) (See Figure 2)
In the Value section add the full url to the image you want associated with this review. (we recommend 125×125 images, but you are free to use what you want) Click the Add Custom Field button to save your info.
This will automatically add the image to your home page.
6. Add the Custom Filed name: producturl
In the Value section place the link to the website you are reviewing. This is where you would add your affiliate link.
7. Add the Custom Field name: stars
In The Value section add a number you want to associate with your star rating for this review. (e.g 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
If you add the number 5, then 5 stars will appear on your review.
The number you select will automatically add that number of starts to the review on the home page.
8. Save your post and your home page will automatically be formatted with your review.
Each new review added to the Featured category will help build a great landing page and produce a powerful review site.

Figure 2

WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. You can download the latest version here