Create Awesome Review Sites with Wordpress and ReviewSiteTheme!

Wordpress Review Site Theme is a Powerful Wordpress Theme built so you can create awesome review sites using Wordpress in just minutes. There is no need for plugins. WP Review Site Theme it is fully customizable and very easy to use.

Wordpress Review Site Theme

Wordpress Review Site Theme gives you an easy way to make a great review sites on wordpress within minutes. All the hard work has been done for you. You just need to add your reviews.

Affiliate Marketing Theme

Wordpress Review Site Theme is the perfect tool to make your affiliate marketing easy. The theme is designed to get your affiliate links embedded quickly and with ease. Enter it once and watch it work.

Features Include

Add your star rating to each review.
Your Affiliate links embedded in each review.
Fully Customizable, Easy to make it yours.
Professional looking landing page.
Have a review site in minutes after install.

Have Your Review Site Up and Running in Minutes!

Install Review Site Theme

Installing Wordpress Review site Theme is as easy as installing any Wordpress theme. Just Upload to your themes folder and activate.

Add Your Reviews

Once your theme is installed just add a post and add a few custom fields to create your first review.

View Your Review Site

Watch Wordpress Review Site Theme display your reviews on an awesome landing page ready to make you money.

Wordpress Review Site Theme is the Ultimate affiliate marketing theme. You will be able to build a product review site in just minutes with this theme. There is no need for plugins, just install the theme and add your reviews. You can review any product you want and make money referring users to products. The perfect affiliate marketer's website.

Review Site Theme is built to power full affiliate referral websites in any niche. All 10 themes are fully customizable. You can select the color you want to use and change the header image if you want.

The theme has an awesome landing page that displays your featured reviews to your visitors in a professional and elegant manner. All with your affiliate link embedded and ready to earn money.

You can make thousands of dollars using these themes to power your affiliate referral sites. View our demo page and see Wordpress Review Site Theme in action.